The majority of the Heart of Illinois Ultralights, fly out of Wells Field in Deer Creek one mile north on Dee-Mack road off route 150.  We enjoy promoting our sport and invite anyone interested in Light Sport Aircraft flying to visit our field.  The best time to visit is the last 2-3 hours of evening, when winds are light and rain is not imminent. 

Wells field has picnic tables that allow visitors to watch the field.  Enter the driveway nearest the railroad tracks between the hedge row. 
Parking space is limited and confined to the area directly in front of the picnic tables. Please drive cautiously when entering as plane and people are present. 


Pictures from the Heart of Illinois Ultralights Club.

The beauty we see while flying ultralight and light sport planes.

Pictures from the Heart of Illinois Ultralights Club vault.

Our club gathering July 9, 2016

Items our members have for sale